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6 Selection Of Fruit Is Good For Pregnant Women

During their pregnancy especially during early pregnancy is a great time to supplement the nutrients needed by pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to consume a lot of fruit and vegetables especially for vegetables should be cooked. Fruits are good for any pregnant women consumed wherever possible each day because the fruit a source of nutrients, vitamins and natural sugars are good for pregnant women and the fetus. Not all fruits are safe to be consumed by pregnant women. Therefore pregnant women must learn where the good fruit for fetus and which ones not to always be able to provide nutritious food and safe for the fetus.

Selection Of Fruit Is Good For Pregnant Women

Following this, the recommended fruits for consumption of pregnant women is:

1. Apple

Konsumsilah apples as a replacement for light snacks of pregnant women. Apples have a good nutrition and vitamins for pregnant women. Apple itself is able to help pregnant women in the development of janinnya.

2. Dates

Fruit is good for pregnant women is further dates. Who would have thought the fruit consumed when the fasting month is good for pregnant women. The date palm is believed to strengthen the uterine wall and overcame cramps that often experienced by pregnant women. This is because the dates have the content of iron, vitamin B complex, potassium and sugar also up to 60-70%.

3. Wine

Other fruits are also recommended to be consumed bumil is the wine. The content of antioxidants in wine can be beneficial for preventing cancer and also serves as a source of energy. Any wine contains polyphenols that have the function of keeping the body's metabolism by means of supply of iron into the body.

4. Strawbery

Who doesn't love the fruit of this one. The taste is fresh, sweet and a little sour this match once consumed when the weather is hot. It turns out that the fruit is also good for consumption bumil. The magnesium content of omega 3 and serves to increase appetite bumil so bumil maintained and regular diets.

5. Syzygium samarangense

Syzygium aqueum contain enough water a lot, this is very useful for bumil to avoid dehydration.

6. Mango

For pregnant women who are still experiencing morning sickness, can consume mangoes. Mango can provide the intake of vitamin A and C for pregnant women.

That's the fruit that is good for pregnant women, pregnant women can consume the fruits by way of which varies. Can make a fruit salad, healthy fruit juice or eat it directly. Highly recommended for a lot of consuming fruit every day starting from morning until evening the day after as well as before a heavy meal.


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6 Selection Of Fruit Is Good For Pregnant Women
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