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Easy Tips to Take Care of Ceramic WC

Easy tips to take care of ceramic Water Closet (WC). The bathroom is the most important place that we always wear, even all the activities we can do in the shower associated with washing washing or cleaning stains - stains or dirt either in our bodies or dirt in household appliances. which resulted in the bathroom tile is dull because indeed seminal room as a place that is always associated with water, soap and the stain, then we should be is always to get attention to the cleanliness of our bathrooms. Because bathrooms are clean will make us free from various diseases that normally exist in a dirty environment. And to keep the bathroom we keep it clean we must maintain the cleanliness and health, then it is in need of a treatment for ceramic bathroom wc correct. 

Easy Tips to Take Care of Ceramic WC

Here are some ways to care for ceramic bathroom right:

1. Bathtub

Wc ceramic care for the bath is very necessary for us to clean at least a week 1 time manner with a clean brush and carefully. And the heart - the heart when the brush was not to erode the ceramic layer and the ceramic layer between the sidelines. Because the delay between when a tile is cement and cement eroded the tub would leak and the water will be dirty. therefore the bathroom tub clean it well and thoroughly.

2. Floor and wall

The floors and walls are very often affected due to activities stain soap bath or wash - washing. For walls and floors are coated with ceramic should be cleaned every day by cleaning walls using soap but if stains are difficult to clean try using a brush to stain the tile is missing ,

3. Fragrant bathroom deodorizer

To make the bathroom a fragrant place was perfumed fragrance that is specific to the bathroom we were scents in accordance with our scent. For tiled floor wc should be frequently cleaned because otherwise the floor would be slippery that might make us slipped and fell in the bathroom.


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Easy Tips to Take Care of Ceramic WC
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