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How To Maintain Maternal and Child Health

The relationship between mother and child does not need to be in doubt kekuatannya.Antara mothers and children have their own inner connections and contacts that only those who understand. Not only that, the health of mothers and children are usually also related to each other like fruit that did not fall far from the tree. When her mother fell ill usually the child was also fell ill especially for those children - children who are minors or who are still dependent on the mother's milk which is very fragile and easily succumbed to the disease of the mother can be transmitted through direct contact and water milk. Given that a mother would also have to react secari good and wise to always maintain their health so that the children are also protected from the disease - a disease that does not want. Then, how do I maintain the health of the mother and the child to avoid the disease? Serorang mother must be an intelligent woman to know how to care for and maintain their children, here are some tips to do the smart mothers to maintain the health of mothers and children who need to know.

How To Maintain Maternal and Child Health

1. To maintain the health of the mother and the child is certainly in need of good nutrition and preservation of the diet 4 healthy 5 perfect and the fulfillment of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Perbanyaklah eat - organic food like vegetables - green vegetables, fruit - fruit and mineral water are sufficient or less 8 glasses a day. In addition, you can also consume carbohydrates from rice and potatoes, animal and vegetable protein from the tempeh, tofu, fish, and others - others. The fish is also good to stimulate your child's brain.

2. Perform regular exercise along with your baby about 2-3 times a week. Do not need to exercise hard enough light exercise like taking your child to the road - the road in the park while running - a small run or jog, swim, jump rope, play on the trampoline, and so forth to do that of course the health of mothers and children will be awake while done to play. By doing these motor nerve children will also be trained and make the child be happy for studying and doing things - new things.

3. Reduce your stress and multiply interact with your child. By reducing your stress can also avoid disease - a disease that does not want and mebuat your physical and spiritual health. Because when caring for children, many parents stress and depression that needs treatment. Avoid things that trigger your stress.

So much information about the maternal and child health may be useful for you.


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How To Maintain Maternal and Child Health
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