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Low Calorie Foods That Are Tasty And A Must Try

Hear the word calories what's on your mind? Some of it will probably immediately think about the weight while the rest may be directly associate it with foods rich in calories as rice. The people of Indonesia indeed could never be regardless of whose name is rice. It feels less than perfect, if not eat rice. But it turns out that this rice consumption needs to be restricted.

Low Calorie Foods That Are Tasty And A Must Try

But how do I limit the consumption of staple foods? Here there are 3 low calorie food which could be an alternative to rice.

1. Brown rice

Who is not familiar with this one. His name is brown rice. If compared with the usual rice, red rice we consume more low calories content so that it could be one of the low calorie food substitute rice for you. But maybe you need a little getting used to with a sense of the unique red rice. Well so you can still enjoy it like consume rice, you can cook Brown rice along with the spice spice so it feels more savory.

2. Eggs

One of the low calorie foods that are delicious eaten are eggs. A study done by one of the universities in the United States mentioned that eggs contain lower calories 330 compared to bread. Even so, a lot of protein in an egg. In one grain, there are at least 9 essential amino acids that cannot be produced by the body. These amino acids to make the body can hold a sense of laparnya. To make it more satiety when consuming eggs, don't forget to eat the yellow part because more than half the protein exists on that section.

3. Processed soy

In order not to consume too much rice, you can menyiasatinya by adding a processed soy like tempeh and tofu into your daily menu. This one known food rich in protein. Therefore it is particularly suitable as a low calorie substitute rice food a must-try. So as not to get bored, try creating processed soy recipes by creating new ones. That way you will not get tired to enjoy it at home.

4. Apple

Who would have thought if apples are tasty contains the least calories. Among the various types of fruit, the Apple is just one of several that contain pectin. Pectin can enhance the sense of fullness on the body and slows the digestive process. A person who consumes the fruit apples will generally feel more full than those who did not eat the apples at all. One Apple can hold someone to not eating in a longer time.

5. Boiled potatoes

Potatoes turned out it could also lho so alternative to rice. However, in order for the calorie excess body is not accepted, then it is recommended to consume boiled potatoes. Besides being low in calories, consume boiled potatoes also healthier because it is free of fat and bad cholesterol. Well your boiled potatoes taste of agra is not bland, add a spoon of salt when boiling potatoes.

6. Yogurt

The food is not only delicious on the tongue, but also contains the least calories. The research team from Harvard University say that the yogurt is best foods when dieting. Yogurt from the milk so that the protein can increase a sense of satiety and someone will also reduce your intake of food. To get a sense of fullness, give more topping on yogurt in the form of food mengadung fibers such as raspberries.

Well that's the last 6 choices of food substitute rice low calories content. In addition to the six foods above, materials that will be used to process food should also note the content of calories. Do not use sugar carelessly or unhealthy drinks. With the expected figure it out you can adjust your daily caloric intake and family.


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Low Calorie Foods That Are Tasty And A Must Try
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