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The Characteristics Of Diabetes Should Know

The characteristics of diabetes should know. Like what you guys know that this number is now the disease has been haunting everyone's body. If you guys are not ready to protect your body effectively, not the illness may not begin to interfere with health. For example diabetes can strike at any time your body if you do not keep Your body with sugar levels regularly and well. If that really happens, most likely diabetes traits can emerge and is likely to be hard to avoid when handling medical was not immediately implemented with maximum.

The Characteristics Of Diabetes Should Know

Diabetes being one of a disease that is dangerous and can cause death. Unfortunately, not everyone can detect diabetes since the beginning. The symptoms of diabetes is indeed difficult.

Hence what traits people affected by diabetes? A great many characteristics, if ever experienced anything like this means that you need to beware. First, the body will limp when activity due to lack of energy and stamina of the body decreases.

Second, the body feels tired and limp quickly because productivity has declined. Third, the thirst and hunger emerge suddenly due to irregular eating patterns. Fourth, diminished eye sight or who have low vision. Fifth, so often throw little water. That's the hallmark feature of diabetes that you have to beware. When these traits are not promptly addressed, could certainly lead to the onset of health problems that are more fatal again like kidney failure, impotence and other malignant diseases. If you do not want diseases infected your body then immediately do the selection of a healthy lifestyle. One of them is by keeping the dietary intake. How kurangilah the use of sugar in your food and exercise and rajinlah must be good at set break.

But there are some other characteristics that can be known diabetes and often experienced by sufferers are:

1. Tingling in limbs

Tingling in limbs

People with diabetes may not be realized if early symptoms of diabetes is a tingling or numb fingers are too often on certain body parts. Usually, that often feel the tingling is a member of motion such as the hands, feet and fingers. This numbing flavor due to increased levels of sugar in the blood which damage nerves.

2. Frequent urination

Then, the next symptom that often felt was wanting to pee too often. Diabetics often cannot resist her desire to urinate. If you experience this, try to see a doctor immediately and consult in order to get treatment.

3. Excessive Thirst

Frequent urination

The desire to urinate constantly offset by excessive thirst. Because too much urine, removing the body to respond to a shortage of the liquid with thirst. So diabetics can't stand if not drinking for a period of somewhat longer.

4. Weight loss

Weight loss

Diabetes is also commonly cause weight loss in people with. Someone who originally have the excess weight or ideal, all of a sudden his weight drastically reduced. This is because the body can not absorb blood sugar properly.

5. Increased appetite

Increased appetite

One of the characteristics of diabetes is high appetite and lust is very hard to control. As hunger, desire to eat should be filled so that the cells in the body can work well. These cells need glucose intake to work. In fact, the cells of the body instead of not getting glucose but because food already consumed by the sufferer cannot enter the cells.

To avoid diabetes early, konsumsilah food that is low in sugar and low in calories. Moreover do not forget to exercise and apply the pattern of healthy living.


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The Characteristics Of Diabetes Should Know
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